We invite you to study on
the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program


Duration of training:

18 months,

full-time education

Language of study:

English, Russian

Submission of documents:

from June 15, 2024 to October 15, 2024

Start of training:

from September 1, 2024

Entrance tests:

— language interview (English or Russian)
— interview in economics

Curriculum (Russian)

Curriculum (English)



Dear applicants, do not forget to register in the master’s office before submitting documents:

  • application addressed to the rector in the prescribed form;
  • originals of a diploma of higher education and its appendices issued in the Republic of Belarus, or a document on education indicating the studied academic disciplines and their scope, marks (points) obtained on them, issued in a foreign state, and a certificate of recognition of a document on education issued in a foreign state and establishing its equivalence (compliance) with the document on education of the Republic of Belarus confirming that a person has received a higher education equivalent to the first stage of higher education in the Republic of Belarus;
  • an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Council of the Faculty of higher education institutions on recommendations for master’s degree studies – for graduates of higher education institutions in 2024;
  • a recommendation for studying at the master’s degree of an organization interested in preparing a master’s degree – for those who enroll at the expense of the republican budget not in the year of completion of studies at the first stage of higher education;
  • an extract (certified copy) from the work record, and (or) a copy of the civil contract, and (or) a copy of the certificate of state registration of an individual entrepreneur, and (or) a document confirming the registration of a craftsman with a tax authority, and (or) a copy of the certificate for notarial activity, and (or) a copy of the lawyer’s certificate, and (or) a professional certificate of a creative worker, and (or) a document confirming membership in the creative union, – for persons entering the magistracy to receive education in correspondence form at the expense of the republican budget (required); for persons entering the magistracy for correspondence education on a fee-based basis, as well as for persons entering the magistracy for full-time education (if available);
  • 4 photos 3×4 cm in size;
  • a medical certificate on the state of health in the form established by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus for applicants to a higher education institution, issued in 2024;
  • an identity document (presented in person) and a copy thereof;
  • a list of all published scientific papers and copies of no more than 3 papers (if available);
  • original description of the invention (if available);
  • reports on completed research and development (if available);
  • diplomas and certificates confirming victories in national and (or) international competitions and Olympiads (if available);
  • the original and a copy of the certificate of the laureate of the special fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus (if available);
  • a document confirming the change of name, patronymic, surname (original and copy) (if available).

Documents executed in a foreign language, in the presence of their legalization or apostille affixing, shall be accompanied by a notarized translation into one of the official languages of the Republic of Belarus.


Tuition fees


Address: Partizanski Ave., 16A, Room 3A/7, Minsk 220070

Tel.:+375 17 209 88 71


Head of the Department of

Economics and Management

Aliaksei Bykau

Professor, Doctor of Economics